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Story of Another Look at Music

Have you ever felt that your passion for Music and the Arts was a blessing? Have you felt the need to show the power classical music to those who have not discovered it yet? How to share the excitement we feel with our favourite music?

My name is Manuel Gimferrer, and this is how I started ‘Another Look At Music’
I was born into a family where there were no professional musicians. Nevertheless, classical music was always filling the house through my grandfather’s record player or the stories my mother told me. Today, I am a classical musician with a special attraction for the Arts. A pianist, I am an aspiring conductor as well, committed to finding ways to share the joy music brings to my life every day.Most importantly, I am convinced that classical music, Art Music, can be the best companion in life, even in uneasy times. Therefore, as a musician, I want to deliver memorable experiences.

This is why I started introducing my performances as a teenager. At that time, we were in the middle of the economic crisis, and those first humble charity concerts were really special for all participants. Sometime later, this experience introducing my performances turned into ‘Another Look At Music’, a playlist in my YouTube channel. There I introduced my performances in context with paintings. And then, the project started growing.
You can have a look at the first steps of ANOTHER LOOK AT MUSIC in this video.

about Manuel Gimferrer

A pianist, conductor and entrepreneur.

I hold a BM in Piano Performance with Music Theory and Art History from Ithaca College (NY), after a Diploma in Piano from Conservatorio Profesional de Música Adolfo Salazar in Madrid.

Since I started studying the piano, I have attended summer courses and I have been invited to several Master Classes. Moreover, I was honored to receive scholarships and fellowships from institutions such as Eastman School of Music and EAMA Nadia Boulanger Institute. Furthermore, I had the great chance to received the advice of exceptional teachers in piano (A. Fiderkiewicz, R. Requejo, M. Leutchner, and R. Penneys), conducting (R. Saglimbeni, D. Ham, C. Meters), and Art History (Félix de Azúa at Museo del Prado). I have performed in many different kinds of settings, from traditional concert halls to Home Concerts. And I have also enjoyed a lot working as a collaborator with singers. All those experiences have provided solid foundations as a professional pianist. Progressing in my studies towards a career in music has been a time as challenging as exciting.

Today, I keep open to any enriching professional opportunities either solo or as a collaborative/chamber pianist, a field I have enjoyed intensely in the past years. I keep also improving my conducting skills. Last but not least, I am working on new projects to share online the music I make in my studio.

You can find out more about all this on Linkedin and you can have a look at my 2 minute video-résumé (2017)

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